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Presentation Graphics

Role of Desktop Publishing in Creating Presentations


PowerPoint presentation

Presentation slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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The proliferation of PowerPoint users could make this a more difficult specialty for freelancers. Many presentation needs are handled in-house however you may be able to find your niche by assisting small companies or individuals who need to make presentations (such as teachers, lecturers, sales people).

Presentation Graphics is more than just Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This includes any type of slide presentation, charts, graphs, and multimedia presentations including those created in other presentation software programs. This category can also include the creation of some types of technical illustrations (graphs and pie charts, for example) for use in newsletters, magazines, or newspapers. Primarily, however, presentation graphics, also known as business graphics, is considered the creation of entire slide shows using presentation software.

Employees can increase their value to their company and job seekers can enhance their resumés by learning how to use presentation software and how to create attractive and effective presentations.

Designing Presentation Graphics

Many of the same principles that guide good layout for books and brochures also apply to presentation graphics. The best slides are simple, uncrowded, and use a template to provide structure and consistency.
  • Before You Create a PowerPoint Presentation offers three simple guidelines: Purpose, Simplicity, Consistency.

  • Beginner's Guides to: PowerPoint 2010 | OpenOffice Impress | Windows Movie Maker

  • Beyond the Basics offers up advanced features and fun stuff in PowerPoint and other Presentation Software from About.com Guide to Presentation Software, Wendy Russell. This includes advice on photos, music, narration, master slides, and printing options.

  • Charts and graphs are information graphics commonly used in presentations to represent complex data symbolically. Spreadsheet data is often used to create charts and graphs then imported into page layout, graphics, or presentation software as needed.

  • Typography Screen addresses some of the special issues of using type on the Web and other applications other than print. With presentations you want good clear fonts for on-screen reading but they should also print well as smaller sizes for handouts.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Templates can help provide a consistent look and feel to a presentation. Find templates for business, personal projects, and school.

Printing Presentation Graphics

Today's presentations are overwhelming presented as multimedia or slide shows on screen. However, it is common to print all or some slides to use as handouts. This is typically done by printing directly from the software to a desktop or office printer. Some types of presentations may include large charts on paper that may be printed on large format printers at commercial print shops.
  • Printing Options in PowerPoint describes ways to print slides, notes, and handouts including out to print your handouts in Word.

  • PowerPoint to PDF shows how you can save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file for online download or printing.

  • When Width is Important describes wide-format (aka large format) printers normally found in print and copy shops.

Software for Presentation Graphics

While the first software program to come to mind is Microsoft PowerPoint, there are dozens of other options including the popular Keynote for Mac. You can also design presentations in page layout and graphics software.

16 Categories of Design Specialization

Presentation graphics can be similar to creating annual reports or catalogs where you are taking detailed or complex information and presenting it in a condensed form. It's also similar to Web design because most presentations are created for on-screen display so the same principles of font choices, image size, and navigation may apply.
  1. Annual Reports & Proposals
  2. Business Forms
  3. Catalogs, Menus, & Product Lists
  4. Collaterals (brochures, etc.)
  5. Crafts & Creative Printing
  6. Identity Systems (logo, letterhead)
  7. Marketing Materials (ads, direct mail)
  8. Packaging
  9. Periodicals (newsletters, magazines)
  10. Presentation Graphics
  11. Publication Art
  12. Publications (books, manuals, booklets, etc.)
  13. Self-publishing
  14. Signage
  15. Web, Mobile, and Multimedia Publishing
  16. Word Processing

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