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1932 Olympics Poster


Sculpted Texture
1932 Olympics Poster

1932 Olympics Poster

Today, this textured 3D effect might likely be accomplished through the use of graphics software but in 1932 they simply photographed the clay sculpture and colorized it to produce this "novel" official poster.

Sculptor Julio Kilenyi (1885-1959) also designed the commemorative medal of the Games of the Xth Olympiad.

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  • The 1932 Olympic Poster
    "The poster depicted the ancient Grecian custom of sending a youthful athlete out to announce the forthcoming celebration of the Games."

  • The Artist, Julio Kilenyi (1885-1959)
    "A sculptor of wide renown, he created among others the designs for the William Penn Anniversary Medal, for medals officially awarded to Col. Lindbergh, Thomas A. Edison, President Coolidge, General Pershing, Admiral Byrd, and for medals commemorating the opening of the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel. Plaques and medals by Kilenyi are exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. the Cleveland Museum of Art. Boston Fine Arts Museum, Smithsonian Institute, British Museum, Oxford University, The Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, and the Vatican Museum. Prizes were awarded to him by the Allied Artists of America and the Tenth Olympiad Committee of Los Angeles, among others." — From "Chord & Discord" Volume 2, Number 9 (1960) - In Memoriam Julio Kilenyi, quoted at Information on the Kilenyi Bruckner Medal

  • Texture in Design
    "Texture is always a part of our designs whether intentional or not. It is the visual or tactile surface characteristics of a piece. In desktop publishing, texture comes from the paper we use. We may also add visual textures through the arrangement of lines and shapes or the use of photographic images of specific surfaces."Texture, an Element of Design

  • Various Forms of Sculpture: This poster could be said to exhibit some of the attributes of 'history' sculpture because of its depiction of a tradition of the ancient Greek games.

    Also see: Bas Relief Sculpture | Assemblage | Maquette

  • Metalworking, especially in the creation of coins and medals is a form of sculpting.
    "Olympic gold and silver medals are, in fact, both made from 92.5% fine silver (the remainder being comprised of copper). The gold medal is only later plated with gold. Whereas the bronze medal is predominantly copper, with a small percentage of zinc and tin content."London 2012 Olympic Medals

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