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Graphic Design Portfolio Projects

Gain Experience, Strut Your Stuff


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This soap box is one of the makeover portfolio projects listed here.

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Buld a graphic design portfolio even when you have little real world experience and no clients. Complete the projects listed here both as a way to hone your desktop publishing page layout and overall design skills and as a way to create samples for your portfolio. These projects come from the About.com Graphics Software Challenges and the About.com Desktop Publishing Makeover Projects.


Graphic Design Portfolio Projects are arranged by type of document. Projects with GS take you away from the About.com Desktop Publishing site. Each individual example provides specs on the size, quantity, printing, or other specifications required - much like projects the designer will encounter on the job. Some projects provide only the specs. Some provide additional material (text or graphics) and a starting design to work from. The Graphics Software Challenges are generally more free-form and deal with graphics. They are good for developing your creativity skills.


Graphic Design Portfolio Projects by Type of Document

Book Cover / Box Cover / CD Cover


Business Card


Cards and Invitations



Newsletter / Journal / Scrapbook




Web Design

Miscellaneous Other Projects


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