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PDF - What it is and how to use it

A de facto standard file format, PDF or Portable Document Format can be used to:

• Share files with others who don't have the same software

• Share files with others who use a different platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.)

• Share files that will look the same (layout, fonts) on multiple computer systems

• Share files that can be protected from unauthorized viewing, printing, copying, or editing

• Publish electronic documents, ebooks, etc.

• Print files to many different types of printers, and all look essentially the same

• Create files with annotations, hyperlinks, and bookmarks that can be shared via email and on the Web

• Create interactive forms that can be shared via email and the Web

• Create files that are more efficient than PostScript or native file formats typically used in commercial printing

More Benefits, Uses - This section provides links that present an overview of the PDF format and the many ways it can be used. Learn about its benefits, its future, its place in electronic publishing.

Adobe PDF Overview - Abobe, Inc.
Lists common problems and how using PDF can solve those problems, such as sharing files when the user doesn't have the same software and repurposing of content.

Basics - PlanetPDF
Scroll down to find the link to a 1.7M PDF file titled "Basics." It is an introduction to PDF technology.

Paper into PDF - PlanetPDF
Discusses one of the uses of PDF - archiving paper documents for electronic distribution. Article is actually a tutorial for Acrobat's Paper Capture plug-in, but provides a description of one of the uses of the PDF format.

Explains the benefits of this subset of PDF that is designed specifically for prepress use.

PDF Anatomy 101 - Planet PDF
Bryan Guignard dissects a PDF document showing the three types of objects in the PDF structure and how they work.

PDF Grows Up - Adobe, Inc.
From the Summer 1998 issue of Adobe Magazine, takes a look at how the format is shaping up to be a "the full-service, customizable digital file format." 264KB PDF | 4 pages

PDF and Printing - Adobe, Inc.
Outlines the benefits of using PDF for electronic distribution and printing for office or professional use and prepress workflow.

Word Processor to PDF Blues - PlanetPDF
Discusses why word processors and the PDF format often don't work well together.

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