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Paper Sizes and Measuring Paper

Learn about common paper sizes and how paper is cut and measured. Compare ISO and North American standards and terminology.

What is a Broadsheet?
It's not just a newspaper.

What is Tabloid Size?
It's not just a sleazy newspaper.

What is Letter Size?
It's not just for letters.

What is Digest Size?
It's not just for small books and magazines.

Cut Sizes
Learn this paper term.

What is Berliner Format?
It might be broadsheet or tabloid in its journalism style, but not its size. It's a popular newspaper format.

ISO Sheet Sizes
Crack the code on international paper sizes.

North American Sheet Sizes
In the US we measure it differently.

Common Paper Sizes
Paper Shops has a chart of US and Metric paper sizes with height, width, and other comments.

International Standard Paper Sizes
Learn more about the ISO 216 paper size system at the University of Cambridge.

Use Standard Paper Sizes
Some papers provide faster print turnarounds.

Use Smaller Sheets of Paper
Save money on paper by simply using less of it.

Use Paper Sheets Efficiently
Avoid trims, use all the paper.

Folded Paper Terms
A single sheet of paper can become many pages of a book depending on how it is printed, folded, and cut.

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