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How to Cut a Perfect 5 Point Star


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You'll Need a Sheet of Paper and a Pair of Scissors
Paper and Scissors

A perfect 5 point star takes just one snip of the scissors.

Diagrams by Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com
According to the Betsy Ross and the American Flag story George Washington originally presented Betsy with a flag design having 6-point stars but she suggested a 5-point star. The flag committee thought those stars were too hard to make but she convinced them that it was easy to produce a perfect 5-point star with just one snip of the scissors.

Betsy made her stars from cloth but you can make paper stars from solid colors or custom patterned paper that you print from your desktop printer. Use these 5-point stars (and the leftover scraps) for various craft and decorating projects such as 4th of July print projects.

  1. This page
  2. Start with 8.5 x 10 inch Paper
  3. First Fold
  4. Create Horizontal and Vertical Creases
  5. Second Fold
  6. Third Fold
  7. Fourth Fold
  8. Fifth Fold
  9. Make One Diagonal Cut
  10. Ideas for Using Finished Stars
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