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Use Heavier Paper to Look More Important


business card caliper by adrian likins

A caliper can be used to measure the thickness (caliper) of paper and other things. Or, use thick paper to create a business card like this one that you can take apart and turn into a caliper. (Here's another version of this card shown put together)

Image by alikins via flickr; CC BY 2.0;
NEED TO KNOW: bulk | caliper | ink holdout | paper weight

Paper weight and thickness may have little or no noticable effect on printed image quality. However, heavier, thicker papers feel more substantial and can lend visual weight to a project.

Heavy weight paper can lend an aura of importance and seriousness not found in flimsier products. This is especially true in business cards. Often thin paper screams cheap desktop printing, unless you're designing a mail order catalog or directory which tend to work better with thinner, lightweight papers.

Thicker papers (especially coated papers) hold up well when there is heavy ink coverage. For full color photos from your desktop printer thicker inkjet photo papers are best. However, some desktop printers may not handle thicker papers well, especially if the printer doesn't have a straight paper path. Thicker papers also work best for diecuts.

For desktop and offset printing choose a paper that feels right to you and will work with your desktop printer or the commercial printing process you choose.

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