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Historical Fonts

Find Old English, Fraktur, and other medieval and historical old script fonts for download. Use these old-fashioned fonts as decorative drop caps, for certificates and awards, or to mimic an Old World style of writing.

Slab Serif Western Fonts for WANTED Posters
Make your own WANTED posters using free slab serif Western Fonts.

Uncial and Half-Uncial Fonts
Based on styles of writing that came into use around the 3rd century CE, uncial is a style of majuscule (all capital) writing.

Insular Script Fonts
A medieval script that spread from Ireland to Europe, insular script or insular half-uncial developed from half-uncial scripts.

Carolingian Fonts
A script writing style of Europe and later on Ireland and England up until around the end of the 11th century, Carolingian script has uniformly-sized rounded letters. It has many uncial features but is more legible and is closely associated with the reign of Charlemagne.

Gaelic Fonts
Derived from the insular scripts of Ireland, Gaelic is also called Irish type. It was developed specifically for writing Irish (Gaeilge), making it a popular choice for St. Patrick's Day use in any language.

Blackletter Fonts
In widespread use throughout Western Europe from the mid-1100s to the 17th century — and even longer in Germany — Blackletter fonts may be described as Old English, Medieval, Renaissance, or Gothic fonts. Blackletter fonts can be both old-fashioned and fresh and new, depending on which Blackletter you use and how you use it. Explore the many...

Flat Earth Games - Fantasy and Medieval Fonts
Offers a collection of fantasy and medieval fonts for Windows. Celtic, Runic, Gothic, and Old English fonts are among the styles available.

Lord Kyl's Fonts
Browse alphabetically, by author, or by category to find Renaissance, Gothic, Blackletter, Uncial, Roman-era, and other medieval and historical fonts.

Michael Obach - More Pages and Downloads
Find a download for Sütterlin, a font resembling Old German Script.

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