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Put all the news thats fit to print into newspapers of every size and shape. Get the scoop on newspaper design and production tips for editors and graphic designers. Newspaper publishing extras include using dummies and grids, type selection, formats, page layout, illustrations, writing, photojournalism, and production advice for newspaper designers and editors.

Art Direction: Do You Have What It Takes?
These interactive quizzes help you test your creativity, your eye for news design. Do them quickly or take your time to come up with visual solutions.

Design on a Grid
Newspapers use grids to hold it all together.

Mug Shots
Put mug shots in your newspaper -- and they aren't just for criminals.

6 Tips to Improve Your News Writing
About.com Journalism: Learn proper newspaper writing style and save on editing.

Super-Size Your Graphics to Create Visual Impact
CVI is about the use of one visual element that is at least three times larger than others on the page. This larger than the rest image contrast immediately attracts the eye and pulls you into the page. View several examples of newspaper pages with a strong center of visual impact at Poynter Online.

Visual Cues
Avoid gray pages and help readers navigate a newspaper using pull-quotes, jumplines, artwork, and other visual aids.

Web Press and Its Use in Printing Newspapers
Find out what a Web press is and how it works.

What is a Broadsheet?
Is your newspaper a broadsheet? Find out.

What is Tabloid Size?
Certain newspapers gave this size a bad name, but it's not necessarily bad to have a tabloid size publication.

What is Berliner Format?
Unlike broadsheet or tabloid, it's not associated with any particular journalism style. It's simply a size and format for many newspapers.

Write Great Headlines
About.com Journalism: Get your newspaper readers to dig into the story.

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