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A good monitor is probably a more important piece of desktop publishing hardware than a large hard drive. Get advice on buying a monitor for desktop publishing and graphics work.
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About Peripherals: Displays & Monitors

Ways to Use Multiple Monitors in Desktop Publishing
Yes, there's a certain coolness about having multiple displays strung across your desk. But it's the way that multiple monitors can enhance your productivity that make them useful to designers and others. If you need concrete ways that a dual monitor setup can improve your working (and playing) environment, consider these scenarios that utilize that expanded view.

CRT vs. LCD Monitors
Guide Mark Krynin weighs the pros and cons of each type of display.

Using Large Monitors and Multiple Monitors for Desktop Publishing
Maybe it's time to increase your screen real estate holdings with a large monitor. More screen space can save scrolling time, give a more accurate representation of your document, and allow side-by-side comparisons. Upgrading to a new 19" or larger monitor or adding a second monitor are two ways to improve your view.

Portrait Monitor Advantages for Desktop Publishing
In word processing and desktop publishing, the portrait or full-page monitor has distinct advantages. Discover how a portrait monitor can enhance your print work and productivity.

Calibrate Your Monitor
Maybe you don't need a new monitor, maybe you just need to tweak the one you have. Here's how to calibrate your monitor.

Top 17-inch LCD Monitors
They are quickly replacing the 15-inch LCD as the hottest selling display devices. PC Hardware / Reviews Guide Mark Krynin selects some of the best ones.

Top 19-inch LCD Monitors
PC Hardware / Reviews Guide Mark Krynin picks these as the best monitors in their class.

c|net Monitor Reviews
News and reviews on the lastest displays for your desktop.

Sharing Monitors
How to share keyboards and monitors between Macs and PCs.

PC World: CRT / LCD Monitor Reviews

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