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Money Matters for Freelance Design

From Jacci Howard Bear

Are you in business to make money? Do you have an accounting plan? Get help setting prices, getting paid, paying taxes, and tracking income and expenses for your desktop publishing or graphic design business.
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Accounting Plan for Freelance Design
Do you have an accounting plan? If you're doing business every day you're probably incurring expenses and (hopefully) generating income everyday. One mistake of small business owners is not properly tracking the money from day one. Freelancers doing graphic design and desktop publishing may focus more on the design and page layout aspects of...

Business Plan Basics - Description & Financial Projection
Develop the beginnings of a business plan by developing a description for your business and a basic financial projection.

Getting Paid for Your Desktop Publishing Time and Talents
Part of doing business is getting paid. But getting paid for your time and talents is something some designers struggle with. Whipping out fresh, original logo designs or doing the layout for a 500 page technical manual are a snap compared to asking a client for a deposit or following up on late invoices.

How Desktop Publishers and Graphic Designers Lose Money
A funny money infographic shows you how many freelancers are sabotaging their own businesses.

How to Not Get Paid for Your Desktop Publishing Time and Talents
If you're in the business of graphic design or desktop publishing you expect to get paid for your time and talents. However, some designers don't get paid or get paid much less than they deserve and it's nobody's fault but their own. Avoid these pitfalls of non-payment.

Working on Retainer as a Designer
You may need to offer a discount on your normal rates, but working on retainer can mean a guaranteed income.

Use Invoices That Encourage Action
Just like an ad in a magazine or a flier distributed door-to-door, your invoice needs a call to action to be effective.

How to Invoice
It takes more than an attractive invoice to get paid. Guide Susan Ward describes what should go in an invoice.

Once deemed suitable only for the most desperate (and less skilled) designers, it's becoming more and more acceptable to do spec work under the guise of crowdsourcing. And not just for inexperienced newbies or the untalented. Look at the pros and cons of crowdsourcing for making money in freelance design.

When Should I Upgrade My Software?
Finances play a large role in deciding when to upgrade but it's not the only factor.

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