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Soap Box Outline

Template Outline for Reference


Outline of box template for Saphon Soap Box Makeover Project.

Outline of box template with cut and fold lines for Saphon Soap Box Makeover Project.

© J. Bear
Redesign this box for a bar of soap using these makeover guidelines.
  • Horizontal width (front, back, sides) : 7.5 inches
  • Front panel: 2.75 wide by 3.75 tall
  • Back panel: 2.75 wide by 4.5 tall
  • Side panels (excluding flaps) : 0.75 deep by 3.75 tall
  • Top and bottom panels (excluding flaps) : 2.75 wide by 0.75 deep
  • Hanger tab folds in half (die cuts will match up)
  • Hanger tab (folded) : 2.75 wide by .75 tall
  • Small panel on right of template folds under and is glued to left side panel
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