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How to Make Fonts

Whether it's your first time or your thirtieth, learn the basics and the nitty-gritty details to help create fonts. Get digitial type design tips and tutorials and help with making your own fonts for personal use or to sell.
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Create a Hand Drawn Font Using Illustrator and Fontastic.me

 Ian Pullen takes you through the steps for vectorizing a handdrawn font in Illustrator then creating SVG files to use in the free fontastic.me site to turn your creation into a usable font.

Create Your Own Fonts Using Inkscape and Fontastic.me

 Trace a handdrawn font then use Inkscape to turn it into vector files which in turn you can turn into a font with fontastic.me. By Ian Pullen for About.com Graphics Software.

How to Create a Font Using Fontastic.me

Here's a quick tutorial by Ian Pullen (for About.com Graphics Software) walking you through the basics of using this free service to create a digital font. 

Build Fonts With Fontstruct
Sign in (it's free) then use the online tool to construct your own font design. Download it and share it with others. This free font-making tool is from FontShop. It gives you a variety of shapes to work with plus drawing tools, all online.

Make Your Own Handwriting Fonts
This is an online font tool for turning your handwriting into an OpenType font. Get a preview of how it works. Print a template, fill it out, scan and upload it to the site. It creates a basic font you can download.

How to Make a Font with Inkscape
A new feature in version 0.47, this video demonstrates how to create a TrueType dingbat font using Inkscape.

From Illustrator to FontLab
You can use Adobe Illustrator to draw your font characters then take those characters into FontLab to finish making your font. This video shows how to set it up and do it.

Chank - How to Make Your Own Fonts
Chank Diesel explains his own method of making fonts. Includes software recommendations, drawing and scanning tips, and illustrations.

Cool Fonts - How Do You Create Fonts
Cool Fonts tutorial offers basic steps for creating original fonts or modifying existing fonts. (Seriously messed up layout with tiny column of text when I visited last, but still readable.)

Foam Train Fonts, The - Font Making How-To
Outlines 8 steps based on the use of Fontographer.

Font Magazine - On Designing Fonts
Jonathon Barnbrook describes his approach to designing typefaces and includes comments on the evolution of some of his typeface designs.

Huntington Library - Making Type by Hand
This history lesson gives today's digital designers a peek at how type design has changed.

Laura McCanna - Designing Type with CorelDRAW
Laurie McCanna's tips on using CorelDRAW to make typefaces.

Laura McCanna - How to make type
Laurie Mccanna's tips on creating your own digital type.

Macromedia - Fontographer Tech Notes and Tip of the Day
Get answers to your technical questions on using Fontographer.

My First Font - How to Make Your Own Font
Learn how to use Font Creator from High Logic to make your own fonts. This step-by-step tutorial starts with creating a template and shows you what settings to use in the program.

SiteSource - Font Making Made Easy
They say "everyone uses Fontographer," which might not be exactly true but this article offers an overview of the font-making process.

Typeworkshop: Type-Basics by Underware
View 19 sketches depicting some key basic areas of concern for type designers including spacing, proportions, x-heights, digitizing, and ligatures.

Combine and Weld with CorelDRAW or Other Vector Graphics Software
Learn how to combine multiple objects into one object, a necessary task for fonts and other graphics projects. Specific commands apply to CorelDRAW 7 but the techniques can apply to other similar drawing programs as well.

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