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Swift Publisher by BeLight Software


Swift Publisher icon from BeLight Software

Swift Publisher icon from BeLight Software

Swift Publisher icon from BeLight Software
Swift Publisher is a page layout application for individual and small business Mac users. It is designed for fairly short documents including newsletters, brochures, and fliers. It has image editing tools, templates, and graphics.

Swift Publisher 3.2 for Mac

Desktop Publishing with Swift Publisher:

Some of the key features of Swift Publisher:
  • Templates for newsletters, fliers, catalogs, and brochures (version 3 has "redesigned Template Gallery with over 180 brand new, themed templates")
  • Thousands of images (in boxed edition; fewer in download edition)
  • Masks, Smart Shapes, integration with iPhoto
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF
  • Column to column, page to page text flow
  • Text wraps, text to curve
  • Master pages, layers
  • Imposition
  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Transparency, graphics rotation, resize, tinting, cropping, adjustable shadows
  • Tables
  • Smart guides
  • Spellcheck
  • New in v. 3: Calendar Editor, unlimited editing layers, full Lion support, and more

Look at all the features of Swift Publisher.

Swift Publisher in Printfolio:

In addition to purchasing Swift Publisher as a standalone application, it is also part of BeLight Software's Printfolio Bundle. Business Card Composer (also a standalone app) is part of Printfolio along with apps for CD/DVD covers, address labels, and artistic text, and more image editing.

Buying Swift Publisher:

Swift Publisher and Printfolio come in standard (download; fewer templates/images) and retail editions. The retail edition as of March 2013 is $29.95 for Swift Publisher and $89.95 for Printfolio with other pricing/package options available (including family packs and Mac App Store version).

Reviews of Swift Publisher:

Here's what reviewers say about Swift Publisher. Read the reviews for more details on the pros and cons of this desktop publishing software.
  • About.com: Macs "It offers some of the features found in more expensive DTP programs, and it’s much better at creating non-standard documents than a word processor. On the down side, it’s not very good at long documents, and it can’t currently export pages in HTML format, neither of which should be a deal breaker for casual use."
    Rating: 4 out of 5

  • MacApper "If you want something looking top-quality, you may not have to go out and buy an expensive application like InDesign or Quark XPress because honestly, Swift Publisher can give you much better results without spending hours learning how to use it."
    No Rating but overall favorable review.

  • Top Ten Reviews "As great as the image manipulation is with this program, Swift Publisher is not meant for serious copywriting and design."
    Rating: 2.5 out of 4

  • Macsimum News "This is still the easiest page design program I’ve used (and I work on publishing programs daily). It makes the anathema of publishing programs, Microsoft Publisher, look like a terribly amateurish try at a program. And using the templates, just about anyone should be able to make professional looking flyers and brochures."
    Rating: 8 out of 10

  • Applelinks "Swift Publisher is in many respects, while not a direct competitor, an alternative to both high-end page layout programs like Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign on the one hand and Apple's own Pages on the other. It's vastly less expensive than the former two, certainly more nimble and user-friendly, less ponderous and quicker than Pages as well (at least on my PowerPC hardware), although there are of course many things those programs can do that Swift Publisher isn't well suited to."
    No Rating but overall favorable review.

  • TechRadar "In a straight comparison, there are some elements that we prefer in Swift Publisher and some we prefer in Pages. The Inspector palette in Pages offers more control over inserting elements. When entering tables, for example, something Pages has been able to do since the beginning of 2006, you get control over cell dimensions."
    Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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