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Logo Design


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Basic Building Blocks for Logo Design
Lines Shapes - basic building blocks

Create a logo design or custom illustration with simple lines and shapes

The basis of many a logo design and graphic image are simple geometric shapes — lines, circles, squares, and triangles. Even the graphically-challenged can create great graphics for logos, newsletters, fliers, or web pages using these basic building blocks. In logo design, simplicity is a good thing.

This is not a do this, then do this, then do this type of logo design tutorial. Instead, discover (or rediscover) ways to use simple shapes in logo design and creating other custom graphics.

Examples throughout this article are done in CorelDRAW, a vector drawing program. They utilize only the most basic tools — no fancy filters, fills, or complex manipulations. You can add filters and special effects later after you've got the basic design worked out. Look for the simple shapes that make up each graphic illustration or logo design.

  1. Basic Building Blocks
  2. Lines
  3. Shapes
  4. Combine Lines & Shapes
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