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Let's go logo design. The most prominent identity item for many businesses is the logo. It appears on almost all printed materials. Explore these logo design tutorials and techniques to help you design the best logo for your business or your clients.
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How Long Does It Take to Design a Logo?
Should professionals take longer or less time to create a logo than non-pros?

Create Logos from Simple Shapes and Lines
This logo design tutorial shows ways to use lines, circles, squares, and triangles to construct simple graphics, often suitable for logos.

How to Design a Logo Fast From Before & After Magazine | Video Tutorial
It may not win you any awards but when you need a basic logo fast, try these simple text and graphic tricks from John McWade.

Do It Yourself Logos, Letterhead, & Business Cards (BkRev)
Recommended reading for small business owners and non-designers tasked with creating an identity system for their business. For designers, it is also a valuable addition to any design reference library.

Jumpstart Logo Design with Graphic Building Blocks
Use basic iconic shapes as a starting point for logo design.

What's the Best Software for Logo Design?
PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher are not the best tools for crafting quality logos. Find out what software works for logo design and why.

Logos Aren't That Important
A discussion of the importance or lack of for logos in today's design world and where the more lucrative money is in design. Do you agree or disagree with the statement or the reasons for it? Check it out then add your thoughts.

Art Javid - Los Angeles Mission Logo Makeover
Art puts a more positive spin on this logo.

Art Javid - Pointe Aviation Logo Makeover
Mixed case text and paper airline give this logo redesign a more fun attitude.

Art Javid - Tuloy Logo Makeover
The original logo is simple and interesting but doesn't really convey what the company does.

Chuck Green Logo Design Tutorial - Create a Clip Art Logo
Discover ways to make dynamite logos with "off-the-shelf art" and a little imagination.

Chuck Green Logo Design Tutorial - Design in Progress
Join Chuck Green for a behind-the-scenes look at an on-going logo design project. View three preliminary designs along with both the artist and client's thoughts and reactions to each.

Chuck Green Logo Design Tutorial - Step-by-Step Logo
Chuck takes you from sketchbook to finished logo with a look at interim designs, his thought processes, and how the client sent him back to the drawing board.

Creating Logos That Work
MyLogo discusses considerations such as age, location, and even sex that play a role in logo design.

Creative Latitude logo
Graphic designer Carey Numme developed the winning logo design for the Creative Latitude Web site. She describes the thinking that went into its design.

Design Your Logo Like a Pro
Eileen Parzek discusses what makes a "good" logo.

Dmitry Kirsanov Logo Design Tutorial - Art of Logo Part I: Media
Dmitry Kirsanov offers excellent advice on crafting a logo; outstanding discussion of logo design principles.

Dmitry Kirsanov Logo Design Tutorial - Art of Logo Part II: Tools
This is the second part of Dmitry Kirsanov's detailed discussion on designing logos.

Erin McCall - Tekworks Consulting Logo Makeover
This angular logo gets a softer, friendlier look that still conveys strength.

Faith Martin - VolunteerLEON Logo Makeover
In this logo makeover Faith consolidates old and new into a cohesive identity.

File Format Survival Guide
Looks at bitmap and vector formats with tips on how they relate to logo design at The Logo Factory. Shows the differences in the two formats, how different formats are used for logos, and includes advice on conversions and format repair.

Gallery of Logo Designs
Get thumbnail previews of logo designs by The Logo Factory. Click for a larger view.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial - (Part 1) 8 ways to skin a cat
Discover 8 ways to enhance a plain capital letter logo. All these logo design tutorials have instructions for CorelDRAW but are adabtable to any drawing program.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial - (Part 2) Simple logo to start
This logo design tutorial features variations on a simple logo with a letter in a circle.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial - (Part 3) Using ligatures
Makes 6 logos made by combining 2 letters in various ways.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial - (Part 4) Going in circles
Teaches how to spin a logos with spirals.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 5) A Bit(map) Part
Using bitmaps to enhance a logo is the focus of this logo design tutorial.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 6) The well-dressed logo
Shows how to use symbols (or dingbat fonts) as starting blocks for logo design.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 7) On Demand Printing
Learn how to successfully print your logo on cards, envelopes, and letterhead from your desktop color printer.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 8) Trial and error
Offers tips on finetuning your logo design.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 9) Rising to the occasion
Shows methods of creating 3D logos, using extrusion, block letters, etc.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 10) Masthead for the Xealot
Explores font options when designing a nameplate or text-based logo.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 11) CorelDRAW 9, part I
In an exploration of CorelDRAW 9's new features Gary also shows how to create and explore simple variations in a logo.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 12) CorelDRAW 9, part II
Brush strokes, more brush strokes, and glowing text variations enhance these logo designs.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 13) A superior blend
Swirls, extrusions, embossing, and other fun effects for logos are employed in this logo design tutorial.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 14) Opposites attract
Get tips and examples using contrast of size, type, and other opposites.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 15) EZ Metrics
Here's how Gary created a logo for EZ Metrics. Shows thhe how-to and the why each step of the way.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 16) Airia
Here's how Gary created a logo for Airia. Shows the how-to and the why each step of the way.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial (Part 18) Y2K
How about a logo to celebrate the year 2000? Offers dozens of design possibilities.

Gary Priester Logo Design Tutorial(Part 17) Going around in circles
Learn tricks for turning a circle into a stunning logo.

Image and Logo Library
Browse a gallery of free graphic images for small businesses at HP.

Jeff Fisher - American Telecom Identity Makeover
It's still red, white, and blue but the shape is much stronger now.

Jeff Fisher - Cooke Stationery Company Identity Makeover
This logo redesign looks fresh and retro.

Jeff Fisher - Denny Shleifer Marketing Communications, Inc. Identity
Graphics and color spice up this logo makeover.

Jeff Fisher - Laugh Lover's Ball Logo Makeover
Groucho Marx gets a makeover in this logo re-do.

Jeff Fisher - Peninsula Community Development Corp.
This logo goes from plain, distorted text to a logo that better represents what this nonprofit housing organization does.

Joe Gillespie Logo Design Tutorial - Logo Design Workshop 1
Joe Gillespie provides a discussion of ways to improve a logo, describes two lessons designers can learn from looking at familiar, well-known logos, and offers tips on updating an existing logo and starting from scratch.

Joe Gillespie Logo Design Tutorial - Logo Design Workshop 2
In this installment, Joe Gillespie looks at the process of creating a logo including the tools used.

Joe Gillespie Logo Design Tutorial - Logo Design Workshop 3
What does a logo say? Does it communicate the desired message? That's the focus of this article by Joe Gillespie which includes logo examples and a brief analysis of each one.

Logo Design Directory
See a series of CornerMark logo design concepts for each company in black and white and color.

Logo Styles
MyLogo outlines some specific styles of standard and abstract logos and who might use each type.

Now That I Have My Logo,What About My Checks?
MyLogo looks at why you might want to start putting your logo on your company checks.

The Making of a Logo
Step-by-step (14 of them in 5 pages), ArtistMike shows how he made the logo for his Web site.

The Power of Logo
John McWade examines the seriousness of a logo and a logo redesign and why clients may have some qualms about your new designs even when they like your work.

The Process of Redesigning a Logo
Kristof Saelen details the redesign of the Digital Web Magazine logo, at their site. Shows the steps taken and the typefaces and colors considered.

Things to Look For in a Logo Designer
Learn how to evaluate a logo design house or individual designer with these tips from The Logo Factory.

Who Really Needs a Logo?
The Logo Factory addresses the purpose of a logo and what makes a logo effective.

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