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Primer Print

Free Manuscript Font From Ray Larabie


Created in 1999, the download from this site contains Regular and Bold versions.
Primer Print

Primer Print

Ray Larabie
Description: Echoes of old school books and chalkboards for learning how to write (print). This font is an upright print matching the Zaner-Bloser old-style manuscript form.

Author: Ray Larabie

Distribution: Free (see Notes below)

Format: PC TrueType


The download archive contains both regular and a bold version of Primer Print. A trace font from Ray Larabie called Primer Apples is a free download from MyFonts.com.

Notes: Larabie Fonts in TrueType format are totally free. PostScript and OpenType formats of Larabie Fonts are NOT free and can be purchased for a small fee through MyFonts.com.

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