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Learning Curve 2.0

Free Cursive Font from Blue Vinyl


The image shown is from an earlier version of the font. The archive download at this site contains both the Regular and Dashed versions of Learning Curve 2.0.
Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Blue Vinyl
Description: In addition to the cursive letters there is "a set of dingbats that helps with practicing elements of cursive writing" and a set of characters to create ruled lines for practice sheets. This font most closely resembles the old-style Zaner-Bloser but with a rounded W and a different D. Not necessarily intended for teaching handwriting. See author's note below.

Author: Blue Vinyl

Distribution: Free for Personal Use

Format: Mac/PC TrueType, Mac Type 1, OpenType (learn more about OpenType)


The Learning Curve 2.0 download archive contains both Learning Curve Solid and Learning Curve Dashed.

Note from the Author:"I don't really advocate using Learning Curve in educational products but if you find that it suits your needs then use it at your own risk. Also be aware that I will not customize Learning Curve. It is intended as a decorative font only. I get asked all the time if I will change whatever letter and if I fulfilled everyone's request, that's all I would have time to do."

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