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Brochure Lesson Plans

Use Desktop Publishing to Teach Any Subject


One of many styles of brochures.

One of many styles of brochures.

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The brochure might describe a person, a place, or a thing. There are countless ways that students can use brochures in the classroom. In this series of desktop publishing lesson plans students must choose the most appropriate brochure format for their topic, condense information into "brochure-size bites," include the most appropriate elements of a brochure, and select suitable graphics or photos, if any.

For example, students might write and design a brochure aimed to make the reader want to visit China, Portugal, or their own hometown or one that explains the steps necessary to build a simple computer.

The brochure can inform, educate, persuade, explain, or instruct.

Two Lesson Plans

Each lesson plan is on its own page or you can download a Microsoft Word document with both lesson plans. Each page describes the objective of the lesson and provides steps, resources, evaluation criteria, and additional notes for the teacher. Lessons can be applied to a variety of ages and subject areas including Language Arts, Technical Writing, History, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.

For a desktop publishing class, it might be desirable to assign specific tasks such as writing, editing, designing, and digital file preparation and printing to different groups so students learn how to collaborate with others in a desktop publishing project — in much the same way it works in the real world.

  1. Inform, Educate, Persuade: Lesson 1 has a team of students writing and designing a brochure describing a specific place or organization. This may be a contemporary, historical, or fictional time and place. Adaptable to many subjects, it is especially suited to history, geography, and social studies courses. Go to: Create Brochure Describing a Place or Organization

  2. Explain or Instruct: In Lesson 2 the students must create a brochure describing a specific process or project (assigned by the teacher or of their own choosing) such as "How to Dissect a Frog" or "Description and Assembly of a Basket of Fruit". Almost any subject you teach can use this lesson. Go to: Create a Brochure Describing a Project or Process

    Why use this format? In addition to being fun and different for the student, a brochure is a common type of publication in everyday life and at some point many students will be involved in writing, designing, or using brochures.

Download these and other desktop publishing lesson plans in .DOC (Microsoft Word) format.

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