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Locate desktop publishing lesson plans for K-12 teachers and others. Use these lesson plans and desktop publishing techniques to teach a variety of subjects including graphic design, social studies, history, business, art, literature, and of course desktop publishing too.

Desktop Publishing Lesson Plans by Jacci Howard Bear
These lesson plans are suitable for incorporating desktop publishing into almost any subject or interest area in the K-12 classroom or beyond. They focus on creating three different types of common documents (brochure, business card, resume) and emphasize research, writing, editing, and page layout. Read online and download .doc format versions...

Desktop Publishing Lessons by Tonya Skinner
These lessons and activities are in Microsoft Word .doc and .docx formats. They mostly use Photoshop and InDesign. Projects include things such as magazine covers, menus, brochures, ads, and movie posters. Samples of some projects can also be viewed online.

The Art of Sneaky Teaching with Print Projects by Jerry Travis Smith
These lessons are for teaching desktop publishing by creating brochures, magazine covers, fliers, and more. You'll find mostly .doc files with some .ppt presentations as well. Can be used with any desktop publishing software.

NTeQ Lesson Plans
Browse this collection of lesson plans some of which include doing PowerPoint presentations, designing a brochure, or creating a poster. These are not all desktop publishing related lesson plans and the quality goes up and down (but there are hundreds of them). A tiny few to consider: 1316 (English & Literature; brochure or newspaper), 6090 (social studies; newspaper), 14785 (fine arts; photography & photo book), 9557 (fine arts; booklet), 23590 (design a marketing brochure).

Desktop Publishing Lesson Plans at Lesson Planet
* Membership required. Free trial available * Find activities for different grade levels along with ratings. Lesson plans come with worksheets and cover such topics as newsletter publishing, electronic publishing, grammar, writing, word processing, menu design, and certificates. Some lessons are for teaching desktop publishing and others use desktop publishing to help teach other subjects.

Education World: Back-in-Time Travel Brochure
Teach world history by adapting this lesson plan on creating a travel brochure to grades 3-12. The focus is on the research for the content of the brochure but you can also incorporate basic design skills suitable to each age group.

BUS:Fun Desktop Publishing Projects - Microsoft Word
If you are using newer versions of Word you may have to make a few changes but the stated objective is: "Students will learn the basics of desktop publishing and design. They will create various projects in Microsoft Word as directed by the teacher." Downloads available. This lesson is suitable for students who already have a working knowledge of the software and of basic design principles.

Multimedia Lessons by Tonya Skinner
These lessons include film, animation, music videos, and various Flash projects.

Desktop Publishing Lesson Plan
This older lesson plan (1998) can be easily adapted for use today. Use it as a starting point for developing your own lessons on desktop publishing.

Graphics for the Calculus Classroom
Douglas N. Arnold presents a variety of graphic images that he uses to teach calculus principles in the classroom.

Create Your Own Business Card
In this lesson the student should create a business card for themselves. It's not as easy as you might think.

Create a Business Card for a Literary or Historical Figure
In this lesson the student must create a business card for a literary or historical figure that helps others know and remember this person.

Create A Brochure Describing a Place or Organization
Create a brochure about a place or organization that informs, educates, or persuades. The brochure is not an indepth study of a topic but it should give enough information to grab and keep the readers interest from start to finish.

Create A Brochure Describing a Process or Project
This lesson plan incorporate writing and reasoning with desktop publishing techniques while designing a brochure that instructs or explains.

Create a Resumé for Yourself
Use this lesson plan on researching, writing, and designing a resume of yourself (the student) as a fun way to incorporate desktop publishing into the classroom. Designing resumés for students to secure a job or a promotion is good practice for the real world.

Create a Resumé for a Historical or Literary Character
Use this lesson plan that involves researching, writing, and designing a resume as part of a history, literature, or other class. It's a fun way to incorporate desktop publishing into the classroom.

Create a Greeting Card
This 9-lesson course teaches desktop publishing techniques by designing a simple greeting card. Adapt these lessons (which also include Microsoft Publisher 98 instructions) for your classroom use.

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