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A program where what you see displayed on the screen is more or less what you'll get when you print the page is called WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get.

In terms of desktop publishing, page layout programs are WYSIWYG. When you are composing a page you are usually seeing more or less the same fonts, colors, and the same overall layout that you will have when you print the page. It should sometimes be called "what you see is almost what you get or fairly close or somewhat similar". What you see on-screen can never an exact duplicate of what the printed page will look like, but it's generally close. The Print Preview function of some software gives a more WYSIWYG view than the working screen view.

Before the advent of desktop publishing word processing software only displayed plain text. The computer user added visible coding to tell the printer we wanted a larger font for a headline or that a certain block of text should be centered as well as what the margins should be but until it printed we weren't entirely sure what the page was going to look like. With WYSIWYG you have a fairly close approximation on-screen of what will print.

Pronunciation: WIZ-zee-wig
Also Known As: print preview
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