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Adobe InDesign Tutorials

Learn how to use various versions of InDesign through articles and videos


Looking for Adobe InDesign tutorials? Adobe, Adobe TV, Layers Magazine, and CreativePro.com are some of best places to find all kinds of in-depth tutorials and how-to articles and videos on using Adobe InDesign. They aren't the only sources of great tutorials. Check out vector tuts+, Computer Arts, and several other sites as well. Get right to the tutorials you need. You'll find basics as well as more advanced topics. Some sites categorize their tutorials while you may have to use the search function at others to find specific topics of interest. And the first few links go to the tutorials right here on About.com Desktop Publishing.

About.com: InDesign Tools and Interface Videos

InDesign Tools Videos
These videos produced for About.com by various InDesign experts focus on basic tools such as eyedropper, free transform, pen tool, color palettes, and more.

About.com: InDesign Tools, Interface, Text, and Shapes Tutorials

About.com InDesign Tools & Interface Tutorials
From About.com and others, these text-based, illustrated tutorials show you what the various InDesign tools do and how best to use them. Also learn how to work with Text Effects and Shapes for vector drawing. Unless otherwise specified, these tools are common to most versions of Adobe InDesign from CS2 to present although their appearance and placement may be different depending on the version you are using.

About.com: InDesign Document Creation Videos

InDesign Videos for About.com
Covering the basics for beginners, these videos by InDesign experts introduce master pages, page numbers, guides, and how to set up simple documents including business cards and photo albums.

About.com: Design Projects Using Adobe InDesign

InDesign Project Tutorials
This list compiles text-based and video tutorials from a variety of sources (including About.com and other sites listed below). Each of these tutorials show how to use InDesign for specific types of documents such as ads, letterhead, magazines, or photo albums.

Layers Magazine

Layers Magazine: InDesign
Layers Magazine: InDesign

Browse through tips, illustrated tutorials, and videos on a variety of basic and advanced techniques for using Adobe InDesign. 

Computer Arts

Computer Arts: InDesign
Computer Arts: InDesign

While a lot of tutorials are for Illustrator and Photoshop, there are some excellent InDesign tutorials in the mix. You'll find coverage for InDesign 2 all the way up to current versions.

vector tuts+

vector tuts+: InDesign
vector tuts+: InDesign

While Illustrator tutorials dominate, there are plenty of excellent InDesign tutorials for beginner and intermediate levels found here. The tutorials are (mostly) free but a Premium account gets you access to the source files for all the tutorials.


CreativePro: InDesign

You'll find reviews, news, and how-tos on Adobe InDesign here. Use the Search button to zero on specific InDesign topics.


lynda.com: InDesign video courses
lynda.com: InDesign video courses

You'll need to become a member to access all the InDesign video tutorials but there are also quite a few you can view for free. Anne-Marie Concepcion, David Blatner, Deke McClelland, and Nigel French are some of the most prolific InDesign video authors you'll find here.

InDesign Secrets Podcasts

InDesignSecrets.com Podcasts
InDesignSecrets.com Podcasts

Listen and learn with podcasts from  Anne-Marie Concepcion.

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