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Adobe InDesign Tools & Interface Videos

Watch and Listen to Learn InDesign


Produced for About.com by a variety of InDesign experts, these short videos demonstrate basic tools and palettes. Get familiar with the interface and the most-used tools and features. Each video (click the linked video title after the bullet) includes a written transcript to help you review what you just learned. Where available you'll also find links on this page to text-based tutorials to provide more in-depth instruction on these tools. Most of the videos use Adobe InDesign CS6 however these tools are present in one form or another in older versions of InDesign as well.

Overview of InDesign Interface

Take a quick tour of the top bar, control bar, and side panels where you'll find the tools you'll be using in InDesign.

Overview of InDesign Tools Palette

Learn about what you'll find in the Tools Palette, how to access it, and some of the basic tools that it includes.

How to Use the Button Tool

Want to make a button to add some interactivity to your PDF? Frank Bayless shows how to create one, give it an action (make it do what you want when the button is clicked), and shows some sample buttons.

How to Use the Color Palette in InDesign

Frank Bayless shows you how to open the color palette and briefly goes over what it does.

How to Use the Eyedropper Tool

The eyedropper works on photos and text for easily copying and applying colors or other attributes from one object to another. For more detail, see this tutorial on copying colors and copying character attributes using the Eyedropper tool.

How to Use the Free Transform Tool

The sheer, scale, and rotate tools are combined into the free transform so you can make complex alterations with just one tool. You can read more about it in this tutorial.

How to Use the Gradient Tool and Palette

Watch this to see how to quickly apply and customize a gradient using the gradient tool and palette. Read more about in this overview of the gradient tool and palette and this pre-CS6 gradient palette tutorial.

How to Use the Hand Tool

Navigate quickly by just moving your hand around. Use the Hand tool as an alternative to the scroll bars.

How to Use the Measure Tool

Andrew Hyland shows you how to measure anything on the page quickly with the measure tool in InDesign. Measure lines and angles. Elisabetta Bruno has this pre-CS6 tutorial on using the Measure tool.

How to Use the Pen Tool

Natasha Levitan demonstrates how to create anchor points and lines, remove and add points, and create curves using the InDesign Pen tool.

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