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Adobe InDesign Document Creation Videos

Watch and Listen to Learn InDesign


After you have learned how to use the basic tools in InDesign, watch these videos for tips on setting up documents and creating specific projects. Created for About.com by InDesign experts, these short videos cover topics such as master pages, page numbers, business cards, and digital publications. Click on the linked title after the bullet to view the video. Each page also contains a transcript of the selected video. Text-based tutorials, where available, are described and linked in the description of each video.

How to Work With Master Pages

InDesign Master Pages Video - Frank Bayless
Frank Bayless covers the basics of setting up your master pages for new documents in this video. Use master pages to help maintain page-to-page consistency for repeating elements in your document.

How to Use InDesign Master Pages

InDesign Master Pages Video - Natasha Levitan
In this pre-CS6 video presentation Natasha Levitan covers adding items to master pages, adding more master pages, adding new document pages, and applying a master page to an existing document. For more details on using master pages, see this 3-page tutorial for About.com by Elisabetta Bruno.

How to Insert Page Numbers on Master Pages

InDesign Page Numbers Video
Frank Bayless demonstrates the basic procedure for inserting page numbers. You can also read this step-by-step tutorial on InDesign Page Numbers.

How to Set Up Guides

InDesign Guides Video
You can put guides on master pages (Master Guides) and document pages (Local Guides). Use them to create the framework for holding the text and images of your layout no matter what kind of document you create. This video shows you the basics of working with guides in InDesign.

How to Export to PDF

InDesign PDF Export
PDFs can be put online or printed. Turn your InDesign document into a PDF easily in pre-CS6 versions of InDesign.
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How to Create a Business Card Using InDesign

InDesign Business Card Video
These simple instructions help you get started on a very simple, basic document — a business card. It's a two-sided card in this InDesign video by Herman Mak.
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How to Create an Invitation Using InDesign

InDesign Invitation Video
Herman Mak describes choosing complementary images and fonts for a nice invitation in this About.com video.
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How to Create a Photo Album Using InDesign

InDesign Photo Album Video
See how easy it is to set up a custom 12" x 12" album, arrange photos, then save as PDF for printing in this InDesign video by Herman Mak.
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How to Create a Digital Publication Using InDesign

InDesign Digital Publication Video
Learn the basics of setting up an interactive document that will be seen on an iPad, Android tablet or other digital device.
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Adobe InDesign CS6 image courtesy of PriceGrabber
Adobe InDesign CS6 image courtesy of PriceGrabber
  • Best Tutorial Sources
    This list shows you which sites (including this site) that have the best collections of text & video tutorials for learning how to use InDesign.

  • Interface & Tools
    This is a list of videos produced for About.com that focus on tools such as the Hand tool, Pen tool, Transform tool, and other basics of InDesign.

  • Interface & Tools
    These are text-based, illustrated tutorials from this site and others that help you learn how to use the basic tools of InDesign.

  • Design Projects Start-to-Finish Using Adobe InDesign
    These are often in-depth tutorials (both text & video) from many sources. Some are for beginners and others require intermediate to advanced skills using InDesign.

  • InDesign Templates
    Jumpstart the design process by using a template that fits the document you want to create.

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