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InDesign CS Selection, Type, and Line Drawing Tools


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The Type Tool
Type Tool

Use the Type Tool to put text in a frame, a shape, on a path

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Use the Type Tool to insert text in your InDesign document. If you look at your Tools palette, you will see that the Type Tool has a flyout window.

The hidden tool in the flyout is called Type on a Path Tool. This tool does exactly what it says. Select Type on a Path and click on a path, et voliat! You can type on that path.

Use either one of these procedures with the Type Tool:

  • With the Type Tool selected, draw a frame of the desired size. Now click inside the frame and start typing.

  • You can type inside any shape created with one of the Shape Tools by clicking inside it with the Type Tool.
InDesign uses the term text frames, while QuarkXPress users and possibly users of other Desktop Publishing software like calling them text boxes. Same thing.
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