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Master Pages in Adobe InDesign CS


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Changing Items on Master Pages
Now let's say that you only have one master, the A-Master. You have a box for a picture in each page and the picture will be different in each page (even though it's placed in the exact same position and that is why you have put it in your master page). If you just click on that box on any of the pages in the document, you will see that you cannot edit it (unless you are working on your master page). So what's the point?, you say. Well you have several options here that allow you to make changes to all of these twin pages.
  • If you want to change just one item on any page that is based on a master page, press Control+Shift (Windows) or Command + Shift (Macintosh) as you select the item on the page. You can now do what you want with that item.

  • If you want to be able to change all of the items on a spread, click on a spread first and then go to the menu of your Pages palette and choose Override All Master Pages Items.

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