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The Colour Palette in InDesign CS


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When to Use RGB or CMYK
InDesign Colour Palettes

InDesign Colour Palette in CMYK (top) and RGB (bottom) modes

Images by E. Bruno
So when do you use the RGB mode and when do you use the CMYK mode?

You use CMYK when:

  • You are sending your file to a service bureau or print shop for printing and you have been asked to provide CMYK artwork (which is usually the case).

You use the RGB mode when:

  • You are doing a project for on-screen viewing (such as a Web page for a PowerPoint presentation).
  • You are doing a project which will be printed by your desktop colour printer — desktop printers are set up to convert RGB images to CMYK, because the less expert users don't know the difference between the two. Also some photo-quality printers, have more than the usual CMYK colours, they can even have 6 colours that mix up together, so they can print more colours than the ones of the CMYK spectrum.
  • Your printer or whoever will produce your job, specifies that they need RGB artwork (not the norm for most commercial print work).

The Swatches Palette works with the Colour palette so let's take a look at how to use the Swatches Palette.

The Rest of Working With Colour in InDesign CS

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