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Adobe InDesign Basic Tasks - Animations


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Use the Pen Tool to Make Curves
Pen Tool Curves

Click, Click, Drag to create curves with the Pen Tool. (Click on the image to get full size graphic and to see the animation)

Image / Animation by J. Bear
  1. Click on the point where the line will start to create your first anchor point
  2. Click on the point the point where the line will end to create the next anchor point. Don't drag the mouse, just click.
  3. Now, drag the mouse. You can drag in any direction to create any curve you want. The more you drag, the bigger your curve will be.
  4. Release the mouse.

To draw a closed shape using curves, repeat steps 1-3 as desired then click on the starting anchor point to close the shape.

To stop drawing lines without creating a closed shape, click on the selection tool

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