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How to Identify a Font

You have a font sample but can't figure out what font it is? Use these resources to zero in on the right font or something similar. Identify fonts by systematically comparing your typographic sample to font sample images. Get interactive by answering a series of questions to narrow down the choices. Upload a image of your font and let specialized software try to identify your fonts. Talk to fellow font fanatics who utilize their memory, knowledge of fonts, and printed resources to help you name the fonts you seek.

Identify Fonts Using WhatTheFont on the iPhone
Learn how to use the iPhone app version of WhatTheFont to identify fonts on the go.

Get Better Results When Using WhatTheFont to Identify Fonts
Learn how to prepare graphic samples of fonts to get the best font identification results from WhatTheFont.

How Do You Identify Fonts
WhatTheFont vs. Identifont and other font identification methods.

How to Identify Legacy and Other Fonts
This article focuses on using the "Microsoft Font Properties Extension utility to identify Symbol and Unicode fonts."

How to Identify an Encore Font
"This procedure explains how to identify if your font was created using the SIL Encore font package."

Identify Illegal Counterfeit Barcode and MICR Fonts
IDAutomation.com, Inc. has tips on fighting font piracy, specifically with counterfeits of their barcode or MICR fonts.

7 Free Tools to Identify a Font
WhatTheFont and Indentifont lead the list, but there are others as well.

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