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Using Microsoft Word Art in Desktop Publishing

How to Get Office Word Art Into Page Layout Software


Fancy bits of formatted text, such as Word Art in Microsoft applications, are not usually immediately usable in desktop publishing software. The same is true of other types of graphics created in Office programs. They require an intermediate stop in a graphics drawing application when going from word processor to page layout program.

Word Art and Desktop Printing
For desktop printing, you may get acceptable results by copying and pasting the image directly into the desktop publishing application or using the "insert object" option (if available), skipping the graphics software step.

Word Art and Commercial Printing
If the image needs tweaking, including converting it from RGB to CMYK or Pantone spot colors for commercial printing, then the intermediate step is necessary.

Get Word Art Into a Graphics Program
There are two primary methods for getting these Word Art graphics into an illustration program.

  1. If the option is available it is best to export the image in a suitable graphics format.

  2. Alternately, use the clipboard to transfer the image between programs.

Once the graphic is in the graphics program it can be edited then saved as either EPS or other graphics format.

The Word Art Step-by-Step tutorial uses Microsoft Word, CorelDRAW, and Adobe PageMaker but the basic instructions work for other combinations of programs as well.

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