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Golden Ratio, Phi, and the Golden Rectangle in Design

Found in nature as well as the work of man, the golden rectangle or golden section is a visually pleasing geometric shape with specific proportions. The measurement of 1.61803398874989..., known as the Golden Mean or Phi, a sequence of numbers known as the Fibonacci Series, and the Golden Rectangle are all mathematically connected. However, for the layperson the primary ratio of interest is 3:5 or 5:3 -- the Golden Proportion.

Explore the mathematics and the art of the Golden Proportions and the Golden Rectangle, especially as it applies to paper sizes, page layout, and graphic design.

Mathematics, Seashells, and Web Design
Using the Golden Ratio, Phi, or Fibonacci Numbers in Web Design; from About.com Web Design

Imperfect Perfection: The Golden Ratio
Matt Ward looks at Vitruvian Man, the grid, and the golden ratio and their relationship to the graphic designer's quest for a perfect layout.

Design with Layout Grids
Within this lengthy discussion of the use of grids and other layout principles you'll find a section on Golden Proportions and 3:5 as well as 2:3.5 ratios.

Golden Rectangle
Mathworld offers up illustrations and description of the math involved in creating golden rectangles and some mathematical equations for those who really want to get into that aspect of it.

Golden Section
These step by step illustrations show how to use the golden rectangle to construct visually balanced and pleasing pages for books.

Mathematics and Art
Take a look at how the Golden Rectangle appears in work by da Vinci, Seurat, and others.

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