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Type Designer

I created this typeface from scratch but I'm strictly an amateur type designer. | Business Glossary | Type & Fonts Glossary | Alpha Index to Full Glossary:

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A professional type designer is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the anatomy of typefaces as well as type history. Type designers create new typefaces from scratch or based on existing typeface designs. Today, with the ready availability of font editors and type design software, anyone can modify fonts or create new ones and can be considered a type designer, although the best typefaces are still generally created by dedicated, professional type designers.

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"Geometry can produce legible letter but art alone makes them beautiful. Art begins where geometry ends, and imparts to letters a character trascending mere measurement."Paul Standard
"Type design is one of the most visible and widespread forms of graphic expression in daily life. It is still not noticed by all readers of newspapers, magazines or books. Nevertheless letter forms reflect the style of a period, and its cultural background. We are surrounded by them everywhere."Hermann Zapf

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Also Known As: font designer
The history of typography generally begins with Gutenberg and the development of moveable type, but it has its roots in handwritten letterforms — whether transcribed with pen and ink or chiseled in stone — for they are the basis of type designs.
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