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Making changes after everything is ready to go


Author's Alterations

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When a client asks for a change in the text or artwork after it has already been submitted and layout approved and especially if the file has already gone out for printing, this is an AA or Author's Alteration.

Author's alterations or corrections are typically changes the client requests that aren't the result of typographical errors or mistakes that weren't in the original copy. The client may simply decide they want to use a different photo than originally planned or a change in job title may necessitate changes in a bio or the title on a business card. Some AA requests can be substantial. A change in paper could, potentially, affect the layout drastically (for example, a switch to an especially thick paper could require layout changes to accommodate folds or creep). Adding new copy might require major changes to fit it in the same number of pages or add new pages. Alterations after printing plates have already been made means delays and more cost.

Costs associated with AAs are paid by the client. If the client requests AAs that will substantially change the job estimate (because they will incur extra chargeable time or require more costly materials such as ink or paper) then it's a good idea to have the client sign a new estimate that includes these additional charges.

Tips for Handling Author's Alterations

  • Decide ahead of time how to handle and bill for late or repeated alterations and put it in your freelance contract before the job even begins.
  • Get written approval from all parties when submitting a project for printing (even if you have a previous design contract).
  • Consolidate all requested changes in writing and submit at one time.
  • After changes are made, proofread everything carefully and get written approval once again before proceeding.


Also Known As: Author's Alts | Author's Corrections | AC

Alternate Spellings: AA's | Authors Alterations

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