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Pasteboard in PagePlus

Text and graphics are sitting on the pasteboard around the document (a business card) in Serif PagePlus. | Layout & Design | Software | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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Many page layout programs use a pasteboard analogy, a work area that simulates the physical work area used in manual (non-software) creation of layouts. When you open a page layout application and create a new document, your desktop or work area within the application is typically larger than the document. Your page sits in the middle of this area, called the pasteboard.

You can move blocks of text and images off the page and leave them sitting on the pasteboard. You can pan or zoom out to view what's on the pasteboard. It's a convenient holding area while playing with your design and it's one way that desktop publishing software differs from word processing software.

With some software you can hide items on the pasteboard to get a cleaner view of the document on which you are working. Usually the items on the pasteboard, outside of your document, do not print. Some software may allow you an option to print the contents of the pasteboard.

Also Known As: work area
Alternate Spellings: paste board
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