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Magenta (and Cyan and Yellow)

Magenta (the pinkish color) is one of the subtractive primaries used in process color printing. | Printing & Finishing Terms | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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One of the 4 ink colors used in 4-color (CMYK) printing and inkjet printing, magenta is a pinkish shade of red made of equal parts of red and blue. It is one of the subtractive primaries, the other two being yellow and cyan.

The Web color magenta (Hex #FF00FF or RGB 255,0,255) is the same as the Web color fuchsia.

Mixing the additive primaries of red and blue produces magenta. Mixing varying amounts of magenta with yellow creates shades of red while magenta with cyan creates shades of blue.

Also Known As: fuchsia

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