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French Folds


french fold example

A fancy french fold. | Paper Glossary | Printing & Finishing Glossary | Alpha Index to Full Glossary:

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These Christmas cards are printed as quarter-fold cards, all the printing on one side of the paper.

Jacci Howard Bear crossfold

A single sheet with two crossfolds down and across the middle is a french fold or quarter-fold, common for greeting cards.

Jacci Howard Bear
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  • Definition:

    With French folds the paper is folded with crossfolds (right angle folds), sometimes with a short first fold. The shorter portion or head in french folds may be folded to the inside (heads in) or outside (heads out).

    Eight-panel french folds with even panels (no short heads) are commonly called quarter-fold or 8-panel right angle folds. Traditionally this type of quarter-fold was printed only on one side and used to create greeting cards or invitations. It's a popular format with many creative printing software programs.

    Also Known As: quarter-fold | cross-folds | 8-panel right angle fold

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