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Book Paper

Not just for books


Books, such as Before and After Page Design, generally use book paper.

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A general term to describe a type of paper suitable for printing, (except newsprint and bristol), especially offset printing, book paper can have many different finishes and may be coated or uncoated.

Premium book paper is also called Bible grade.

More opaque than bond paper and good for 2-sided printing, book paper is also characterized by excellent folding qualities and durability. Book paper has a basic size of 25" x 38" and the basis weights range from 22 to 150 lbs.

Offset papers are especially suitable for offset printing due to increased resistance to water and picking. Most book paper can be used on offset presses.


Pronunciation: [book PEY-per]

Also Known As: text paper | offset paper

Examples: Book paper is the primary paper for books and most graphic arts projects including:


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