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Bond Paper

Common in Offices


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Especially suitable to electronic printing and use in office machines including copiers and network and desktop printers, bond paper is a strong, durable paper. It has a basic size of 17 inches by 22 inches and a basis weight of 13 to 25 lbs and is characterized by erasability, good absorption, and rigidity.

Bond paper sold in office supply stores typically comes in letter size reams of 500 sheets, individually or by the case. White is the most common color but bond papers can come in pastels, neon brights, and other assorted colors such as the colorful letter size Pacon brand bond papers (Compare Prices).

Smaller packs of specialty bond paper with designs or special finishes may come in smaller packs of 50 to 100 sheets. These are often sold for use as do-it-yourself letterhead or fliers. Geographics is one such line of papers (Compare Prices). Also known as writing paper, bond papers come in a variety of finishes including:

Some of the specs found on packages of bond paper are size, brightness, and weight. It comes in coated and uncoated, shades of white and in colors. There are a wide variety of bond papers but some typical ones you may encounter:

  • 20 lb, letter size in assorted colors(Compare Prices)
  • 20 lb, letter size, multipurpose Hammermill papers (Compare Prices)
  • 20 lb, various sizes, perforated for dot matrix printers (Compare Prices)
  • 24 lb, letter size in white, assorted colors, and with designs (Compare Prices)
  • 18-24 lb, bright white and translucent rolls for HP inkjet printers (Compare Prices)
  • 18-24 lb, white, cut sheets, perforated sheets, rolls for adding machines and cash registers (Compare Prices)


Pronunciation: [bond PEY-per]

Also Known As: reprographic paper | writing paper | xerographic paper | copy paper | printer paper

Examples: Bond paper is typically used in copiers and for letterheads, stationery, business forms, and a variety of documents produced with inkjet and laser printers. The receipt you get from a store may be on bond paper. The invoices you get in the mail are often printed on bond paper.

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