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Body Copy


Choose the right type size for body text

Know your audience when choosing a font for body copy. | Typography Terms | Layout & Design Terms | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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Copy is written text of an ad, brochure, book, or Web page. It's all the words. The main text found in publications we read — body copy — is the text of the stories and articles. Body copy is not the headlines, subheads, captions, or pull-quotes.

Body copy is usually between 8 and 14 points in size and legibility is the key to selecting fonts for body copy. The exact size depends on both the typeface and the known preferences and expectations of your audience.

The term body, in typography, also refers to the main part of a letterform minus any ascenders or descenders. 

Font Choices for Your Text


Pronunciation: [BOD-ee KOP-ee]

Also Known As: body text | body type


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