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Examples of Blackletter type.

Examples of Blackletter type. | Typography Glossary | Alpha Index to Full Glossary:

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Based on early written forms of the 17th century and earlier, blackletter is a style of typeface that features elaborate thick to thin strokes and serifs. The Gutenberg Bible, the first book ever printed with movable type, was set in a Blackletter typeface to mimic the manuscript writing of the time.

Some of the main classifications of blackletter are:

Among these styles are a fair amount of variation plus there are hybrid forms of Blackletter that combine features of more than one style. Modern interpretations of blackletter also mix forms and incorporate features not found in historical blackletter script.
Pronunciation: [blak-LET-ter]
Also Known As: Text | Old English | Medieval | Gothic (not Sans Serif Gothic)
Often seen on diplomas, certificates, formal invitations, logos, labels, and some monograms, and in the nameplates of some newsletters and newspapers Blackletter was prominent in Europe from the mid-1100s to the 17th Century and beyond. Black Forest, Linotext, Goudy Text, Old English Text, Wedding Text, Alte Schwabacher, Frakto, and Rockner are some examples of Blackletter fonts.
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