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Black Ink


Rich black simulation

It's hard to simulate the look of black created with CMYK inks using RGB but it can look something like what's seen here. (© Jacci Howard Bear) | Prepress | Printing | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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Along with cyan, magenta, and yellow, black is one of the 4 inks in CMYK or 4-color process printing. In CMYK it is abbreviated as K because it is the Keyline plate.

Black can be a pure ink color or it is sometimes created by mixing other ink colors to acheive a color that looks black (known as rich black). Black ink is also added to other ink colors to enhance their printed appearance. Desktop publishing software color palettes also typically include an ink color called Registration Black. This is a special purpose color for printing registration marks.


Pronunciation: [blak ingk]

Examples: Black is the most commonly used ink color in all types of printing and is used extensively for text in both black and white and color printing.

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