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Binding Methods

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A general term for any of various methods of securing the loose pages or sections of a book or booklet, binding is usually accomplished using stitching, staples, wire, plastic, tape, or glue.

The use of ring binding, and saddle-stiching with staples are common binding methods for desktop printed documents. Other types of binding such as thermal binding, perfect binding, and case binding are typically done as part of the commerical printing process.

  • Binding Methods: When paperclips won't do
    "For some types of binding it might simply be a matter of ensuring that the margins are wide enough to accommodate the holes for a three ring binder or spiral binding. For saddle-stitching, you may need to compensate for creep. Some bindings provide more durability, others allow your book to lay flat when open. You will also want to weigh the cost of special equipment if you want to do-it-yourself rather than using a local copy shop or printer for your binding and finishing."
  • Finishing and Distribution
    "...finishing is what comes after printing. It's the post-press processing of your print project."
Pronunciation: [BAHYN-ding]
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