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Bible Paper

Not just for printing Bibles


Bible Paper

Bibles, yes, but bible paper has other uses as well. | Image by Ryk Neethling CC BY 2.0 via Flickr | Paper Terms | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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A thin, lightweight, opaque printing paper with a basic size of 25" x 38", bible paper is generally made from 25% cotton and linen rags or flax in combination with chemical wood pulp. It is a premium grade of book paper which typically has a long life. It's thinness and light weight make it ideal for very large books (including dictionaries and encyclopedias) that would be even bulkier and heavier if they used lesser grades of book paper.

The name of bible paper comes from it being the type of paper commonly used for Bibles.

Pronunciation: [BAHY-buhl PEY-per]

Also Known As: india paper | india bible paper | premium book paper

Examples: Typical uses for bible paper, in addition to Bibles:

  • prayer books
  • hymnals
  • dictionaries
  • encyclopedias
  • insurance rate books
  • deluxe guides
  • multi-fold package inserts


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