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Basic Size

It varies by paper grade...


Basic Size

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The basic size of paper is a customary standard sheet size that is used to determine the basis weight for 500 sheets (ream) of paper. Each grade of paper has its own basic size.

The basic size is not necessarily the same size as how the paper is sold to consumers. For example, bond paper used in desktop printers in North America is typically sold in 8½" x 11" sheets but the basic sheet size is 17" x 22".

Is this information absolutely essential to know if you're not in the paper business? Probably not. But it could come in handy when discussing paper issues with your printer and it can be helpful when calculating the paper weights.


Pronunciation: [BEY-sik sahyz]

Also Known As: standard size | basis size | parent sheet size

Examples: The basic size of several common types of paper:

  • Book: 25" x 38"
  • Cover: 20" x 26"
  • Bristol: 22½" x 28½" or 22½" x 35"
  • Index: 25½" x 30½"


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