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A collection of zines; xkidx, creative commons license, via flickr.com

A collection of zines; Creative Commons License xkidx at Flickr.com | Design & Layout | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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Short for fanzine or magazine, a zine is generally a self-published, small circulation periodical. A zine may have a tiny circulation of 5 to 500 copies or up to 1000 or 5000, maybe more. Many zines are short-lived publications, may have erratic publication schedules, and are frequently not published for profit. Zines are sometimes distributed by mail or may be picked up at various local bookstores and other venues. Topics are often narrowly focused but can cover almost any topic from personal stories to politics, fanfiction to art and comics and subjects not generally covered in mainstream media.

Like many print magazines, some zines are now available in electronic form including on the Kindle or the iPad.

Designing and Publishing a Zine

Word processing, desktop publishing, or even handprinting in part or in whole with a little or a lot of cut and paste are all valid methods of creating a zine. They may be printed or photocopied, in color or black and white.
  • Print Zine Tips & Tricks from The Zine & E-Zine Resource Guide has articles on printing basics, mailing, and generally putting together and publishing zines.

  • Zine Resources from Zine World include a number of PDF files on mail, Zines 101, and a lot of links to more zine publishing resources.
Pronunciation: zeen

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