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No graphics in these wordmarks although the SassyWear wordmark turns double-S into a heart shape. Business Glossary | Graphics Glossary | Alpha Index for Full Glossary:

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A type of logo, a wordmark is a text-based mark identifying an individual, company, organization, product, or brand.

With a wordmark, the company or product name is set in a specific typeface, often with some special treatment such as manipulated letters or corporate colors. A wordmark may have some graphic-like elements incorporated (such as a leaf shape to dot an i or extra flourishes and swirls surrounding some letterforms) but it is essentially just text — a logotype.

Logo Design

Also Known As: logotype
Well-known examples of wordmarks include:
  • IBM with the blue/white striped letters (even in black/white it's readily recognized)
  • Google, the multi-colored standard Google logo
  • Coca-Cola with its distinctive script typeface (in red or white)

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