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Trim Size


crop marks, trim size

Crop marks in corners indicate where to cut paper to get it down to the final trim size. | Paper Term | Printing & Finishing Term | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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  • Definition:

    The final size of a printed page after excess edges have been cut off is the trim size. Crop marks indicating where to cut are printed at the edges of the paper that are then trimmed after printing.

    Trim size is not the same as cut size, unless the project requires no trimming and the project is printed on cut size paper. One way to save money on printing and finishing is to design for and print on standard cut sizes to avoid the added time and expense of using larger sheets and cutting it down to trim size.

    When designing layouts that have bleeds, the document is printed on a larger sheet of paper then cut down to the trim size.

    Also Known As: final size

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