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Stair Stepping

Up and down


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Imagine a side view of a set of stairs and you may recognize stair stepping in graphics and layout. Stair stepping can be good or bad, depending on the context.

  1. When enlarged, bitmap images often exhibit jagged edges where the pixels look like stair steps. This unwanted feature can sometimes be alleviated through a process known as anti-aliasing.


  2. There are many ways to align text and images in a page layout. Stair stepping refers to words or pictures that are arranged on the page offset vertically and horizontally in a stair step fashion. While it can work, this type of alignment can also look forced, static, and boring. A more varied arrangement can add interest and make the page more dynamic.


  3. Adjustments to margins to compensate for creep in a booklet or similar document is also known as stair stepping. In this case, the method used to correct creep is a good thing.


Also Known As: 1) jaggies 2) staggered alignment 3) creep allowance

Alternate Spellings: stairstepping

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