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# number pound hash

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Also called the pound sign in American English, the # symbol is typically used in front of a number to stand for the word number as in #1 for number 1. It is also a telephone key (which is most typically referred to as the pound key).

On a standard US keyboard, the # sign is above the 3 (Shift+3). It can also be generated with ALT+35 (Windows). It consists of two vertical (or nearly vertical) parallel lines crossed by two horizontal parallel lines.

Examples for the use of the # sign:

  • As shorthand for the word number: Students need to bring a #2 pencil to class.
  • A proofreading mark designate the insertion of space between lines of text or space between words: Insert a line # in the text.
  • In computing the # (called a hash) may designate comments or commands in a programming language, a permalink in a blog, etc. Usage varies.
  • A series of three # signifies the end of a press release: ###
Also Known As: number | pound | hash

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