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Logo examples

Some logo examples: A combination mark with symbol (hands) and text; a wordmark; the logo ball (symbol) for About.com. (© J. Bear & About.com) | Graphics Glossary | Business Glossary | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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Definition: A word or symbol that represents an organization, business, product, brand, or individual is known as a logo. The logo is often the most prominent identity item for many companies or brands.

A logo may be a logotype or wordmark, an abstract or literal graphic mark, or a combination of words and images. The logo may have a specific shape, color, typeface, and specific arrangement of the logo elements that are always the same or may be altered depending on the use. For example, a company may have separate brand logos that incorporate elements of the main company logo or may have a logo variation for print and for Web use.

Some Specific Types of Logos

  • Wordmark or Logotype
    Usually the company or product name set in a specific typeface, often with some special treatment such as manipulated letters or certain colors. Examples of wordmarks: the blue/white striped IBM, the multi-colored standard Google logo, the distinctive script Coca-Cola.

  • Icon or Mark or Symbol
    Marks may be literal (a dog and cat for a pet store) or abstract (the Nike swoosh). They are usually representative of the type of organization or service or suggestive of some attribute the organization wishes to associate with their brand.

  • Combination Mark (Wordmark & Symbol)
    Some companies may use the wordmark & symbol together and separately in different media. Other companies always keep the two together.

  • Emblem or Illustrative
    A type of combination mark, it may incorporate more visuals and/or text (such as taglines) than a simple iconic mark. Some highly detailed logos have evolved into simple emblems over the years. Examples of emblem or illustrative logos include: Starbucks, MGM (the lion and all the graphics & text around him), and Cadillac (an emblem incorporating a colorful shield and a wreath).

Logo Design

Also Known As: logotype | trademark

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